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Musical Hamburgers

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I once read an interview where Beck said the phrase “musical hamburgers”, talking about the bands and artists he would listen to on a regular basis. I like the concept, because it helps me categorize the music I listen to based on certain culinary dishes. Bob Dylan, for instance, should get filed under hamburgers. You… Read more »

Global Ocean Race

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Next →← Previous Global Ocean Race I worked with designer Jake Koprowski for a redesign of the Global Ocean Race 2012 site. I handled the front-end work, writing CSS, HTML, and Javascript, and editing PHP modules from a custom back end. The site displays in three languages and features Tumblr feeds detailing the sailors’ day… Read more »

Live Edge Wood Countertops

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Next →← Previous Live Edge Wood Countertops Live Edge Wood Countertops is a specialty site for Brooks Custom, a manufacturing company I have been working with since 2007. I work with owner Richard Brooks to create new sites, manage his portfolio of sites and content, and provide direction and strategy for his ever-expanding online efforts…. Read more »

Brooks Custom

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Next →← Previous Brooks Custom Brooks Custom manufactures and markets custom wood, concrete, metal, and glass countertops as well as custom range hoods, backsplashes and wall panels. This is the company’s main 250+ page site, which I built and maintain, and add new features to as requested. I used XHTML, various flavors of CSS, Javascript,… Read more »

The Young Turks

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Next →← Previous The Young Turks The Young Turks is a popular progressive news and opinion show based out of Los Angeles. Between their home site and YouTube channel they receive over 1 million hits a day, and have been broadcast on Air America as well as Sirius Satellite Radio, in addition to winning numerous… Read more »

Dr. DeFabritus

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Next →← Previous Dr. DeFabritus Dr. DeFabritus was looking for a simple, informative site that he could maintain himself, so I designed and built a site for him using WordPress. I worked with him and members of his staff to create a no-frills site where necessary information was very easily found, and patients could do… Read more »

Good Housekeeping

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Next →← Previous Good Housekeeping The Good Housekeeping Research Institute site was created in support of their cross country tour, which served to educate consumers about the science behind their product evaluations. I modified the site using the original templates, and worked with a designer and Good Housekeeping marketing personnel to implement changes and keep… Read more »

Love Doesn’t Suck

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Next →← Previous Love Doesn’t Suck Love Doesn’t Suck is the blog site for therapist Maggie O’Connor. I developed this site along with Julio Andrade using the Genesis framework for WordPress.

Griffin Court Condominium

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Next →← Previous Griffin Court Condominium Griffin Court Condominium is a luxury hi-rise building located on 10th Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. I worked with designer Daron Rosenberg to build this site.

Brooks Custom Pro

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Next →← Previous Brooks Custom Pro I created a series of seven sites using the relatively uncommon .pro extension for owner Richard Brooks, with the idea being that each of these sites would display products based on specific material types. I used HTML, CSS, and jQuery to create these sites. By creating sites which focus… Read more »