Add the World’s Leading Identity Search and Match Technology to Your Applications

SSA-NAME3 is Identity Systems’s core technology and included in all Identity Systems serving and clustering products. SSA-NAME3 is a software development kit (SDK) that enables organizations to build business application programs to search, match, rank, and analyze records about people, companies, products, addresses and various other identity data. It can be executed on most any platform and operate on data stored in any database.

At the heart of the Identity Systems approach are intelligent and scalable algorithms, which, through the use of rich keys and search strategies, return all of the candidates an expert user would consider as being the same as the search criteria. SSA-NAME3 provides:

“SMART” INDEXING, to overcome spelling, phonetic, transliteration & multi-country data, missing/out-of-order words and other errors & variation

MATCHING ALGORITHMS that emulate a human expert’s ability to determine a match based on numerous attributes

SPEED AND SCALE, in order to perform high volume searches quickly against very large databases

The greatest benefit of SSA-NAME3 is that it easily handles data from the real world. This includes data that is not formatted or cleaned or that contains missing, extra, truncated, out of order, non-standard, or noise characters/words, initials, abbreviations, nicknames, numbers, codes, and concatenations. The algorithms operate against a customizable rule base to incorporate the knowledge of the expert user. The algorithms work well regardless of the country of origin and language of the data and must insulate the application developer from the differences between country and language.

These features have helped make SSA-NAME3 the world’s leading identity search and match technology, in use by more than 500 organizations in more than 40 countries around the world.

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